The Voluntary Organization of Rural Development Society (VORDS) registered under societies Registration Act in the year 1998.  The main objectives of the society are to serve the poor and needy in their dire needs especially to develop the Disabled children through awareness towards their education and for their life journey.  The society conducted various awareness camps in rural and remote areas of Kurnool, Prakasham and Kadapa district about health and hygienic also to promote the children with proper education.  In the same time the society started deaf school called Navajeevan special school for the deaf.  At the beginning it has been started with few children and two teachers.  This has been improved year by year and the present strength for the financial year 2021 – 2022 is 147 with well qualified teachers in Sign Language of Hearing Impairment. 

The Navajeevan special school for the deaf started in 1999 with some children and 2 staff members.  The accommodation was also in small rooms at the starting stage.  Year by year constructed school building by increasing of strength to higher classes.  The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, New Delhi is providing grant-in-aid to run the Hearing Impaired Residential School since 2000. Apart from the Ministry grant the society bearing the additional expenditure with regards maintenance and rest of honorarium to the staff.  Every year the additional expenditure is bearing by the management through donations.  The present strength of the children for the year 2021 – 2022 is 147. We have 32 members of staff including teaching and non-teaching is working in the school.  The education is providing through curriculum and co-curriculum activities.  In addition, we are providing Vocational courses to the higher class children especially in Computers to learn basic knowledge also conducting games and sports and cultural programmes.  So far 18 batches of SSC children completed with 100% results.  Due to Covid 19 last two academic years’ public examinations have not been conducted and promoted all the children to higher classes.  But this year 30 children wrote their public examinations successfully.   The VORD society gave lift to the special children for the past 20 years in which so many children completed their higher education and technical courses are working in their suitable jobs.  The society is providing free boarding and lodging facilities to all the boarders of Navajeevan.  We are very happy to continue this noble service through the kind cooperation and support of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment also kindness people.